Old News, Redux: JFK Files Reveal….

GOX news reports the release of a part of the remaining JFK files have brought Lyndon Johnson’s efforts to discredit Martin Luther King, Jr.

Johnson was a Texas Congressman who won high praise for pushing electrification of his district, and community water systems. In the Senate, Johnson was a closet leftist, and was selected for JFK’s vice with the though he might bring the South back to the fold.

elected to the Vice Presidency, a position as responsible as, to misquite Al Smith, as carrying a bucket of warm spit, Johnson was elevated to the Presidency when President Kennedy was murdered.

Johnson was a busy Socialist, with his effort to restrict or ban ownership of guns, his efforts to substitute the Black community for the Southerners who had largely abandoned tje Democrats. At the same time he was trying to use J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI to discredit the most influential civil rights leaders, who he thought might gain traction with Black Americans and steer them toward their Republican Party.

At the same time, Johnson was laying the groundwork for becoming a great military leader by greatly expanding the Viet Nam war, sending combat savvy soldiers from WWII and Korea to train South Viet Nam’s soldiers.

And of course, his “Great Society” intentionally laid the groundwork for the government micro regulation characteristic of Socialist systems, which must have an excuse for the size of the bureaucracy.

It would be well for the next generation of civil rights leaders to investigate the real intent of those who deliberately blacken the names of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the other Black Republicans who actually laid the groundwork ofr a free and fair society for everyone.


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