OK, Here Is The Story On Reciprocal Carry

As noted many times here, Congress is considering a bill that would grant reciprocate in every other State, subject to State and local laws.

So yes, a Mississippi resident could, under the new law, go visit the New York side of Niagara Falls without being forced to leave Roscoe or Betsy or Roscoe at home.

The carrying traveler will still have to comply with all local laws, including sub-capacity magazines and other hassles, All that is very well. But there is a problem.

“House Leadership” has added language to the bill that has passed, The bill is no longer a ‘clean’ bill but a hybrid.

Briefly quoting the Reason Magazine report linked above:

Also included in the bill was the Fix NICS Act, which was rolled into the legislation on Tuesday.

The Fix NICS Act—unveiled as a response to the Sutherland Springs shooting—included some pretty mild additional reporting requirements for federal agencies submitting information to the federal firearm background check system. (You can read Reason’s coverage of the bill here).

The full story is at the link, so click on over and be informed. The Alley will be here when you click back.

For my part, while there may be nothing wrong with killing two birds with one stone, our community has learned to be very suspicious of changes, particularly changes that had to be approved by the Democrats.

I cannot support this bill until I know what is in it. And, given the history of bait-and-switch practiced by some members of Congress, there is a strong possibility that I will not be able to support it at all.


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