Ohio School Distrct To Allow Teachers To Carry

Cincinnati’s Fox 19 reports an Ohio school district will allow teachers to carry on campus.

Very good. Allowing teachers to carry is the only economically viable way to protect students and teachers from those who would harm them.

Of course,the ANTI’s predict disaster every time the subject is broached,but looking at the history of school shootings instances of a teacher,or a member of the school staff,harming a student are few and far between.

Since the passage of the “Gun Free Zone act of 1990” there have been many school shootings, both by outsiders and by students or former students,but I was unable to find a modern instance of a teacher deliberaely harming a child.

So the Ohio district’s brave decision to allow teachers who qualify to carry on campus will be one more case where unusual peace and tranquility are the news of the year in the school district.

just as in the school districts and colleges already on board with cmpus carry.


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