OHIO: Cuyahoga County Council Wants To Impose Gun laws

The Cleveland.com reports the Cuyahoga County Council has been told by a gun rights group that it cannot imose restrictions on gun rights.

Briefly quoting the Cleveland.com report linked above:

Cuyahoga County Council can’t pass gun control restrictions that exceed state law, gun advocates say. They’re opposing legislation council introduced Tuesday to prohibit guns in childcare agencies that have contracts with Cuyahoga County.

Given that not even one restrictive gun law, ordinance, decree, or fiat has ever in the 521 year history of gun control, it is safe to say the Cuyahoga County Council wants to multiply crime and violent crime rates.

The best cure for this sort of behavior is a recall election, but I am not sure whether or not a County Council comes under the head of “municipal offiicals.” Protests are in order, as are court challenges and forcing current Concil members to face primary election opponents as we;; and facing a well funded Republican who addresses the issues as bluntly as President Trump does in the general election.

Because people who will propose laws in apparent ignorance of the certain results of the laws they propose have no business in public life.


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