Off Topic: “Saving Energy”

I spent most of Saturday on ladders, changing light fixtures to LED “bulbs or fixtures.

Why? the old incandescent and florescent fixtures were dust catchers, and I have a couple of allergic great grandkids. Since several fixtures were trashed by flying debris during a recent rotary windstorm, I decided to replace them all. As the saying goes, they are cheaper by the dozen.

Before the process, turning on all the lights resulted in an 8.9 ampere draw, and a substantial amount of RF “hash” from half century old florescent fixtures.

After the operation current consumption was 2.1 amperes, and my old Gossen Lunasix indicated a half stop less exposure in the brightly lit areas, and noticeably more light in the dark corners.

LED “bulbs” are around $4.00 to $4.50 a pop, getting down to the same price as a “compact florescent light,” and use enough less power to pay for themselves.

Plus the ones I have are simple and easily cleaned tubes instead of a nearly impossible to clean “curly bulb.” Which is important when the kids can’t visit because their kids can’t stand the accumulated dust.


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