Off Topic: “Military Coup Underway In Egypt”

Several sources say a military coup is underway in Egypt. I hope so, and I hope the military can get the situation stabilized. I have known a number of Egyptians over the years and most were pretty good joes, but their country has major problems.

Starting with the fact that Egypt has a population of close to 90 million and a food production capacity that can provide for less than 50 million. Cotton and tourism is the difference between a bare subsistence and starvation for most Egyptians, – and the idiots who have been in charge have had a great deal of success in destroying both industries.

When you add extremists who literally do not care if everyone starves so long as they get their way, and started by killing those who comprise much of the backbone of agriculture, you have a recipe for disaster.

Both Allah and God proverbially “provides for the poor,” but it has been my observation than neither provides for the violent.


UPDATE If you are not up to date on the “why” this is clear, and touches most of the bases.


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