Off Topic: How Is Manned Star Travel Achieved?

Well, someone with a DC URL and no name asks now manned interstellar trave is achieved.

so far as we know, it has not been achieved, and may never be. This seems to be a a truly electric universe with light, matter, gravity, and everything else being either electric or magnetic, or both, in some way.

In this Universe, the practical speed limit is c, or v, the “speed of light.. Fortuitously, v, or c, is very close to 300,00 units of the distance between the North Pole and the center of the Universe, Paris. On a cosmic scale, the nearest stars likeliy to have planets useful for our species are 100 or so light years away.

Fiction has produced several suggestions such as “suspended animation” (hibernation), “Stasis,” a sort of atomic level freeze on all activity, and others.

However, given the constraints imposed by this Universe itself, and assuming that no new developments occur, the most practical way of interstellar travel would be to travel as communities consisting of family units.

such a practice would provide continuity and the stability of a community to interstellar travel – even a trip that takes generations to achieve.

And, assuming that we do not find a successful strategy to overcome our universe’s limits, that plan would take several thousand people, but provide a sense of community among the star-farers


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