Off Topic: But What This Country Needs Is…

A post Steve Bartin’s NewsAlert caught my attention because minority representatives were telling the Coomunist Representative from Minneapolis how things are in their community.

I only had time to listen to the first two speakers but I had a storing impulse to try to do the impossible, reach through the screen and shake the Black man in the striped polo shirt and you Puerto Rican lady’s hand.

Not because I necessarily agreed with them, but because they were speaking what they consider truth to power. Unfortunately, that power has other plans, but that is beside the point.

For the Puerto Rican lady, what we need most is 1983 purchasing power; because a $10.00 groucery tab when Ronald Reagan took office would give you 7 cents change for two tenties and a ten now. But don’t blame President Reagan.

In 1993 the Democratic Partei felt it needed to spend more money to blow in order to stay in power, so they passed a $4.00 an hour hike in the minimum wage. And in very short order inflation wiped out the increased purchasing power.

And how does the Partei in power get more moeny to blow from a minimum wage hike. Two ways. First, under our “progressive” tax system the poor bear a heavier tax load as a greater part of their income is sent to Washington. And second, the inflation that results from increasing the minimum wage reduces the burden of the debt load, since the National Dept is paid in leas valuable “dollars.”

And, for the listener, the hyperinflation brought on by making money worthless hastens the end of the Cloward Piven Strategy game, the collapse of our economy, and the same horrors we saw in Germany after the NSDAP ran out of hard currency.

Nor do we, or anyone, need any form of government health insurance. The history of those programs tells us that “free health care” is a recepe for economic failure. What we do need is to talk to the doctors about what procedures and tests should be mandatory, and cut the Federally mandated tests and procedures that eat up almost 70 cents of every health care dollar, while doing less than two cents worth of good.

Those mandates were not put in place to make Americans healthier, they were put in place to drive up the cost of health car t o affordability, raising demands for “single payer health care,” just like the bankrupt European countries have.

What we do need is affordable health care. A return to the $3.00 office call. The days when the most expensive part of health care was treating the disease, not keep a record of treating the disease.

And finally, the Puerto Rican lady isdisturbed by her Territorial government selling future tolls for present cash, and selling infrastructure for the same reason. The reason being Puerto Rico tried a modified form of Socialism, spent much more than it could possibly take in, and went bankrupt. Something the Democrats would like to do, with the same inevitable result

And the only way to fix what is broken is to rid ourselves of those who broke it. The Clinton’s, who swent six million manufacturing jobs overseas, and destroyed 48 million support jobs. Pelosi, responsible for the last series of minimum wage hikes that left million of America’s poor far worse off. And in fact anyone who has not bolted the political party responsible for all this misery.


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