Occupy Protestors Urged To Kill

Twitchy, the web site with an eye on Twitter and the Twits, reports a speaker at the “Occupy the Department of Justice” event was urging his laughing crowd of erstwhile world changers to “start killing the…ahem’s.

In the abstract, I have a certain amount of sympathy with introducing the current Attorney General and many of his subordinates to the pleasures of “dancing on air.” It is a cheap pastime, requiring only a stout limb, a long rope, and a short drop. A few minutes of gently swinging to and fro is usually enough for a lifetime.

But in the concrete, such simple and effective means of ridding a town of its criminal element has long since proven ineffective. A new pack of rats moves in as soon as the activities of the old rats has been suspended.

However, I definitely find “progressives” advocating murder to be over the top. Since the speaker could not have been referring to his political ally, the Attorney General, he was probably suggesting random murder of innocent civilians. That may go in Washington – but that course of action is likely to meet effective resistance in the heartland.

I wonder what ever happened to that law prescribing strong penalties for threatening public officials. I suppose that went out with fiscal responsibility and lawful conduct.


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