Obviously, he plain unvarnished truth is “manipulation”

Someone styling him or herself Michael Luo seems to have a hard time undertansind the folk in flyove country. “Luo” has a a post up at the New Yorker website purporting to tell how “How the N.R.A. Manipulates Gun Owners and the Media.”

In his effort, the young person picks a Dana Loesch video. Ms. Loesch, who has been places and done thiings, tells it like eh average America sees them. Or, to put it another way, the way a Missouran who makes important contributions to Mamjattams fppd si[[;u. dp,estoc wine supply, and whose taxes contribute so greatly to Gotham’s economy. Here is the commentary that set the young person off:

To prove the point, today a werecking crew of Soros “violence organizers hit awhat was initially called a “Conservative protest.” After the violence roganizers hit, the media started referring to the “conservatives” as “while supremacists.”

There is a vast difference between a “conservative,” someone who does not want to repeat a many times failed action without due consideration of what went wrong, and a supremicist.

Just as there is a ast difference between a midwestern radio talker who sees things as they are in St. Louis, and a young person who was born in New York Presbyterian and has never rossed a bridge in his life.

So let me clue Mr. Luo’s ilk in. We sophisticated midwesterners who for the most part feed you, clothe you,and house you, are tired of being talked to like a hayseed. The only hayseeds live in hives like Boston, New York City, and The District.


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