Obama Policies Allow Illegals To Commit More Heinous Crimes

A Maryland Sheriff, one of those where the dreams meet reality, has told Congress that Obama’s immigration polices allow criminal illegals “to remain and commit even more serious crimes.”

Here’s the Sheriff, telling it like it is:

I have posted many times about the number of illegals who are wanted by the police in their home countries. the latest report I saw suggests up to five million of 14.5 million, 34.5 percent, or illegals crossed their own borders one jump ahead of a posse.

Even those who come here without a criminal record often violate American law. For example, most Chicanos y Latinos come from areas where the age of 12 is the age of consent, and an offer of marriage is an absolute defense against a charge of rape. they are astounded when a “grab and go” encounter with a “woman” turns into a rape charge with a 30 year prison sentence.

For those charged with lesser crimes, deportation is useless. They will probably beat the Border Patrol back to the U.S. and be back in business in the morning. So Sheriff Charles Jenkins is correct. Obama’s “release those we catch” policy is driving up our violent crime rates.

By how much? FBI 2015 preliminary report along with media reports for the second half of 2015 indicate a rise in murders of approximately twelve percent, from approximately 11,900 in 2014 to 13,350 in 2015; along with a 2.6 to 3.0 percent increase in violent crimes.

This is the first setback in our 30 year campaign to relax gun laws and drive violent crime rates down to pre-gun-control levels.

The only way that trend can be stopped and the crime rates driven down is to eliminate the cause. The open borders policies that have brought as amny as five million criminals to our country.

And of course, to send those who support those policies to political oblivion.


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