Obama Is A Lefty, with bad form, obviously ground sluicing something

This White House photo shows several interesting things. First, he is “sinister,” left handed instead of “dexter,” or right handed.

Second, while the over and under is very nice, Obama’s stance is not. My thirteen year old great granddaughter does it better.

Third, where did they get the semi-smokeless shotgun shells? I have not seen any of those since the 1940’s.

Fourth, side ported shotgun barrels are a new one on me. For a quick second shot on birds flying left, I suppose. ({Added 4:34PM 2/3/13} Albeit the Browning catalog shows a line of ports at that location.)

Fifth, he’s shooting very low for flying targets. Obama appears to be shooting at a rolling target, or a clay pigeon propped up for a fixed target, but that is hardly “shooting skeet.”

Sixth, when did Obama begin wearing a twenty buck watch?


Bottom line. It’s not a bad photoshop, but hardly a credible one.

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  1. Calico Jack says:

    I would also like to know when Obama got that gut.

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