NYT: “Christians Must Support Gun Control”

Alley policy is to omit links to fake news sources, but I see what has become of anti-religious rhetoric now tells Christians they must support gun control.

Just like the many German Jews who supported David Lloyd Geroge’s total ban on civilian firearms in 1919, and then suffered the consequences in 1939, apparently.

No one is required to pay the slightest attention to the New York Times – but Christians are required to be obsservant of the teachings of Jesus.

At the Last Supper, Jesus had a message for His followers, delivered to His disciples. As it says in the Book of Luke, chapter 22, verse 36

He said to them, “From this hour, whoever has a money bag should take it and thus also a wallet, and whoever lacks a sword, let him sell his tunic and buy a sword for himself.

Jesus, knowing that His followers would be a small minority in a hostile sea of those with differing beliefs, gave that order to all his followers, not just the dozen present at the Last Supper.

And, as Christians, we are obliged to follow His direct order to arm ourselves with the most effective defensive weapons available.

Not as the New York Times would have it, to kill our fellows, but to suppress violence against every member of our community, the community of man.

And no word for an apostate should move us to let our duty laps.


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