Nurse Doing Her Job Vindicated

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a cop who showed up at a hospital with no warrant to dra blood from a critically injured person. With an unconcious patient who could not give consent, and no warrant, the head nurse refused an officers direct order to break the law.

And then he arrested the nurse. And hauled her off to the jug.

The New York Post reports the cop has been canned. ‘Sta that that is a good thing.

And that leaes me wondering how the spell checker could get “duenna,” a governess for young ladies, out of “that.”

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2 Responses to Nurse Doing Her Job Vindicated

  1. Ken says:

    A bit of an error. The nurse was released from the squad car at the hospital after about twenty minutes by what I have read from several sources. I would bet they actually let him resign with full benefits if they let it out. Now what about the “stupidvisor” that directed him?

  2. Stranger says:

    If we could be sure that was just a random burglary, I would agree with you. But since I have no clue to what was being searched for, we cannot trust an assumption that whatever was there is gone.

    Or, to cite a time when better movies were common, we do not know whether the Maaaltese Falcon is still on the mantel with the jewels in it. Or with the receopt for the moneybags cash inside.


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