NRAA Slams Florida Speaker Over GUn Restrictions

I see the NRA has torn into the Speaker of the Florida House, a Republican, for one of the most poorly thought out packages of gun legislation in the last 50 years.

The bills are shut-mouth, the sort of “You said do something so I did” laws that invariably end badly. AsFlorida’s new pacckage of laws will show, sarting in 2020.

For almost 50 years politicians have felt free to sell their constituents out with no fear of repercussions from the shooting community.

Hopefully, his case may cause a few legislaators thinking of straying from the reservation that they will face NRA members long memories, reluctance to forgive, and readdiness to vote against fformer friends into consideration wheey they make that break.

Because it is time for the good guys too use the same tacttics


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