NRA Criticizes FNHQ-DC’s “Deceptive Tactics”

Ho uhm, I see the National Rifle Association has criticized the disgraceful Washington Post for its “deceptive tactics” on children and guns.

well, DC’s Fake News HQ certainly deserves criticism. Even the classifieds are doubtful and have been for years.

The only thing I will quibble over is the NRA statement that FNHQ-DC has outdone the Brady Bunch for lying about children and guns.

If you regard the “Brady Campaign To Ban Gun Ownerhsip” and Handgun Control, Inc. as sepearate entities, that is technically true. But since HCI has not announced its dissolution, only a partial renaming, most observers consider the three Bradys as a continuation of Handgun Control.

On that basis, HCI’s listing of everyone from birth to age 54 as a child still gets the palm as the most outrageous lie an American gun ban group or media outlet has tried to use to mislead the public.

Click on over and see just how far Journalism as a craft has fallen in this degenerate age. The Alley will be here when you click back.

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