NRA Asks Florida Sheriff’s Their Position On Gun Related Issues

With a tip of the Stetson to the Gun Wire for the link, the historically anti-gun Palm Beach Post has a poll, with a mildly disapproving post, asking if the NRA should endorse Sheriff’s.

Briefly quoting the Palm Beach Post item linked above:

Ms. Hammer said it’s traditional for organizations to survey candidates on the issues. “This is an educational process,” she said. “Voters have a right and a responsibility to know who they are voting for. I’m not apologetic if that offends the Florida Sheriffs Association and anti-gun sheriffs.”

The NRA has long sent similar questionnaires to legislative candidates. It’s the first time, however, Ms. Hammer has asked sheriffs candidates to give their written views on weapons and gun owners.

Speaking personally, I have known many Sheriff’s and Deputies and the overwhelming majority strongly supported gun ownership and self defense. As former Newton County Mississippi Sheriff Ansel Reeves told a group at Pearl Van Etten’s cafe many years ago:

I have six deputies to patrol almost a thousand miles of road. We cannot be everywhere and we cannot respond immediately to every call. If someone is coming in your house, you have to protect yourself. Because we cannot do it for you.

This is of course, obviously true. Given the state of the world, I think it would be a really good idea to poll every candidate for every office. And it would be equally good to remember “silence is assent.” Those who refuse to clearly give their support of gun ownership are not fit to hold elective office in a Republic.

OH, if you are interested, the poll is here.


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