NRA Asks ATF To Review “Bump Fire” stocks and similar devices

Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas mass murdered reportedly had 2 AK’s converted to fully auton, as well as 13 fitted with “fast firing devices,” AKA “Bump Stocks.”

I think we can all understand why the legality of such stocks, along with the trigger guard crank, and other devices that allow a semi-auto to sound like full auto to the uninitiated. Since a mass murderer was found in possession of a few, Bloomberg’s Banners and his Congressional Clients are on such devices like white on rice.

But it is also disappointing to have the NRA ask the ATF to review the devices. devices that disturb your aim when you crank a crank or keep pressure on the stock.

This is not going to make me write a nasty letter to LaPierre, resign, or stoop supporting the NRA. But i puts a question in the minds of many prospective NRA members.

If there is investigation or review to be done, it should be into the secret life of Stephen Paddock, not of some device s that lets someone turn lots of money into noise quickly.


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