NPR: What Was The NRA’a Position Is All New!

NPRsolemnly reports the NRA is willing to discuss reports the NRA is showing neew openness to gun removval laws, when the include proper legal protection for the guns and gun owner.

Apparently, it takes a long time for NPR to discover something. Ed T was an NRA director in the 1990’s and I discussed that subject with him. Our aattitude then is the same as now.

The members of America’s largest and most law abiding demographic, gun owners, have no desire to meet the next Howard Unruh or Nikolas Cruz, armed and with backpacks full of ammo.

But on the other hnad we have no desire to nullify the Constitutional protections that are the right of every American.

We want “room aat the inn” instead of locked doors when a psychiatrist tries to commit a patient like the Aurora Movie Theater Killer, James Egan Holmes – or law enforcement is orced to ignore the Jared Loughnere’s wjp [pse a tjreat tp their jurisdiction.

Included among the protections to citzen and Officer alike built into the system must be a mechanism for safe storage and return to owner of guns held for the public’s safety.

That was the NRAA’s poosition almost 30 years ago, and to the best of my knowledge that remains the NRA position today. Yet here’s NPR, talking about this enormous “policy shift.”

Now it is not just wondering if they will ever learn, but whether they will ever wake up.


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