Now The ANTI’s Have Revived Andy Jackson’s “crime”

I see President Andrew Jackson’s “crime,” associating with his wife before her divorce from the cruel and unusual punishment the law called marriage dissolution was final, has been revived.

In this case the ANTI’s are trying to portray Judge Roy Moore with that no-doubt mortal sin, in an attempt to make something stick and erase Moore’s lead less than a week before election day.

That is precisely the same tactic that put the ANTI Partei in control of Virginia.

Doug Jones, the ANTI Party candidate, is typical of the breed, who says he’s a hunter and loves the Second Amendment – but will vote to limit it when he gets to Washington. Her is a local report on Jones:

Alabama”s election to replace Jeff Sessions takes place next Tuesday. If you value your civil rights, you had better vote – for a man whose record shows to be a lifelong protector of those rights.


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