Now, That Webwander Brings Back Memories! And A Hangover!!

A link at Instapundit led me to a Vodkapundit post that leads off ‘I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but Mitch McConnell might have just won the internet.’

A comment on that item led me to this site, which finally led to the ideal alcoholic beverage for Obama, a low potency tipple called the AMF. Which has nothing to do with playing ‘roll a ball, bowl a ball, a penny a pitch.

Which was a popular tune the last time I had the dubious pleasure of experiencing the deleterious effects of Frank French’s firewater. French was a South Carolinian who left the Palmetto State one jump ahead of the posse. Actually, French was just a few minutes late to one of those world famous “stillbusters partys” made famous by Carbine Williams, so he made a hole and crawled into it. Then he left twice the asking price for a ’36 Olds under the dealers door and made tire tracks instead of hoof prints.

French did not crawl out of that Olds until he reached the vicinity of Mountain View, Oklahoma. Where he found a nice little dumplin’ of a gal, got himself ladybroke, and decided to stick. Molly French might have been a little hefty for some, but as the sayin’ goes, “A man would rather hold 200 pounds of curves than 100 pounds of nerves.” So she suited French just right.

Anyhow, French promptly built a new still, but he got smart. He bottled his stuff right out of the worm. Where most moonshiners would cut their stuff six parts water to four parts distillate, French’s wobble water was 100 percent pure corn squeezin’s. We called it “Lost Weekend.” One slug and you lost the weekend. That was what I call “High Potency” tipple. Rum and vodka are not in it with Lost Weekend for stout.

Rum and vodka and Seagrams were not in it for a hangover, either. Take a mouthful of Lost Weekend, and you not only lost the weekend, you had a hangover until the next weekend. So Lost Weekend would be a real AMF.


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