Noted: U. Of Missouri Picks CCW Fight

There is no secret that the University of Missouri is in self-made trouble. Given staff layoffs, closed dormitories, and other problems they have created for themselves, it appears Mizzou is taking the wrong side in the guns oon campus controversy.

The full report is at the link, so click on over and be informed. The Alley will be here when you click back.

for my part, no “carry on campus” bill has ever resulted in rivers of blood flowing down ann admin building steps. Instead, allowing campus carry has had the expected result, suppressing violence instead of enabling violnece.

Like Concealed carry generally, campus carry lawss have proven to be a safe and effective way to quiet a rowdy group of “our way or no way’s.” something Mizzou has in abundance.

I pity the students who cannot depend on social norms for safety but must depend on campus police, who are not to be found when something is going down.

Time for a change in Columbia, and for those who depend on the trade the University used to bring, almost too late for a change.


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