Noted: Regime Proceeding To Strip Gun Rights Through Social Security

TownHall’s Katie Pavlich reminds us the regime continues to confiscate guns from Social Security recipients.

this illegal practice was begun by “GunWaker” Eric Holder, and continues under Loretta Lynch and her Lynch Mob. Briefly quoting Ms. Pavlich’s report, linked above:

But an issue flying under the radar in Obama’s announcement is the Administration’s decision to move forward with gun control measures through the Social Security system. Late last year it became clear if an individuals needs financial help managing Social Security benefits, the agency can deem that person mentally unfit to purchase a firearm

Seniors are among the most vulnerable segment of our society, and disarming us leaves us defenseless against those who prey on the weak and the elderly. The action is illegal, immoral, and Democratic Party policy.

There is a great deal more at the link, and the Alley will be here when you click back.

For our part, if you draw Social Security, don’t allow anyone else to control your finances. No matter how much pain it may cause you to fill sign the utility checks, do it yourself, get automatic payment set up with your bank, or find someone you trust to fill out checks for you to sign.

But never, ever, give up control of your finances. Because if you do, the next thing will be a SWAT team of Federal Marshals beating on your door, demanding the guns you intended to leave to your grandchildren.


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One Response to Noted: Regime Proceeding To Strip Gun Rights Through Social Security

  1. Bill T says:

    Just another reason to disband the IRS. We need a tax on what we buy not in income. We need about one tenth of the government we have now. We need to get the government’s long nose out of our business. If they won’t do what they are commissioned to do, secure the borders, keep the roads open, regulate imposts and duties, etc. they need to be disbanded.
    If we are to keep our nation it’s time to take it back.

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