Noted: President Readies Opioid Plan

I see President Donald J. Trump is readying a plan to deal with opioid deaths, and some critics problem, which “claims 50,000 lives a year,” and critics worry that it will not stop suicides.

Well, the 50,000 is speculative, and I strongly suspect it is low. But whatever reality may be, tbe thought of stopping a person determined on suicide is enough to make one shake their head. As a professional friend recently commented, “She was doing so much better, but she was still depressed. She hoarded a half tablet a day until she had enough, and now she is at rest.”

I can understand that. some suicides are ill and cannot stand the pain; some are ill and cannot stand the thought of the pain to come; and several of the suicides seem to live in a world so unendurably cold that Pluto’s coldest place would seem like a tropical beach resort.

so let’s see what that pland does before we scram. After all, the point should be saving lives, not grinding political axes.


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