Noted: Pravda Potomac Covers For The Dimmos

PJ Media’s J. Christian Adams reports Jeff Bezos Sinister left “newspaper” has been covering up the systematic vote fraud that is almost entirely aimed at electing leftist candidates.

As I have noted in the past, the Democrats were recipients of, at the very least, six million fraudulent votes in both the 2008 and 2012 elections. Briefly quoting Mr. Adams PJ Media item linked above:

Reporter Susan Svrluga notes that “tens of thousands of voters” were registered to cast ballots in both Virginia and Maryland. That’s true, and it is a big problem nationwide. Hundreds of thousands of people are registered to vote in multiple states, and many of them have voted.

It wasn’t Eric Holder’s Justice Department that discovered the problem. That won’t happen because as I reported at PJ Media in 2010, Obama political appointees expressly shut down the efforts at DOJ to detect this sort of fraud and inadequate voter-roll maintenance.

The fact is that many thousands voted in both Maryland and Virginia. And New Yorkers in Ohio, New Yorkers in Florida, North Carolinian’s in South Carolina; Corlinian’s in Georgia, and so on in a near endless stream of making on voter into two. Or three, four, five, or even six.

Not to mention the buckets of pre-marked ballots “voting” the straight Partei ticket; the thousands of precincts where more votes were cast than the entire population of the precinct, and on and on in a bottomless well of corruption and fraud.

Of course, the Democrats pretty much ask what does it matter if the right man is elected. The problem is that the right man is usually defeated when the Democrat’s vote fraud machine is hitting on all sixteen cylinders. A fraudulent vote prevents citizens of good character’s vote from being counted.

The only solution to that is to turn out and vote. Keep the fraud machine from using your name and ballot to install a leftist rubber stamp, instead of the Constitutionally minded citizen you prefer.


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