Noted: Mothers Day March Form More Crime, Gun Control

The Anti-gun Walt Disney’s ABC reports hundreds of people marched demanding stricter gun laws, blocking new York City bridges on Mothers Day Weekend. ]

Briefly quoting the Disney/ABC report linked above:

The fourth annual march, held on the eve of Mother’s Day, was organized by the group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

“We are going to stand up and fight until our last breath because if we lose our children we have nothing left to lose,” said the group’s founder, Shannon Watts.

Of course, the crime numbers and the more than 57,209 failed gun laws say the most effective gun control are none, followed by laws requiring gun ownership of all citizens. As you can see in the chart below, where ever restrictive gun laws has caused crime rime rates to shoot upward, and every permissive gun law for 134 years has cut both violent crime and homicide rates:


Nor would charts of England’s series of of bloody gun control failures, nro the Continents universal of gun control failure.

Here is what gun control did for Europe, and is doing in Africa and South America

Stalin's  Democide

Stalin’s Democide

Sadly, facts do not matter to the media companies that are the reason gun ban groups exist. Nor do facts matter to those like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg, who fund these organizations. Facts are a laugh to those who participate in gun control gatherings, “A gun my baby so guns must die” is their general attitude.

And of course a few hundred people blocking Brooklyn Bridge for a false cause are far more important to Disney than Moms against gun control are far less important than a relative handful blocking traffic, demanding something with no idea of the consequences.

Someone should go check on Walt, he may be above his safe rotation speed.


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