Noted: Media Pleads Ignorance Of The Far Left

Eddie Scarry, seems surpriswed the media seems unfamiliar with the far left, or in NuSpeak “alt-left.”

It is hard to recognize something when you are part of the something. The far right’s ten thousand squabbling “parties of two” are easy to recognize. But on the left you have this ownderful choice of Democratic Socialism, Socialism, Fascism,Communism, Falangsm, Peronism, Chavismo, and almoswt 8,000 exactly similar political factions.

Today’s Democrats are tomorrows Democratic Socialists, the morning’s Fascists, the evening’s Communists, and tomorrow night don tux and mingle with the rich Democrats again.

When it comes to the political left, there is no major disagreement among the factions.If you like, call yourself a Communist, your Fascist organization will welcome you with open arms, Kamerade. All under the same hammer and sickle, and all done by people who claim to be “blue.”

And the Socialsits unity and oru disarray is one of the major reasons we have not won our battles long since. I is time to put aside oru differences and ban together to make those things we agree on a reality.

If we do not, we will loes everything we value to the all0consuming State.


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