Noted: Holly Bobo’s Killer Sentenced to Live

Fox News convicted killer has been sentenced to prison for life.

At this point regular Alley readers are likely to think this is the place I will put in another plea for every woman to arm herself, or be armed by those who care about her.

No, not right now. I laid down New Mexico’s crime data to say I think the French had the right idea on deaths like Hollly Bobo’s.

After a dead body was found, the police ssearched for evidence pointing to the killer with a judge looking over their shoulder. After the conviction a judge looked carefully at all the evidence, all the testimony, and made a deccision. If the evidence held up, the prison found himself staring into the basket whle the Guillotine Blade fell.

The whole process usually took three to four weeks, or as much longer as it took to gather evidence.

And the fear of prompt and severe punishment kept the violence rates down.

But we have someone who should never have been born wilfully murder a woman – and we have to feed the guy for the largest part of the next century.

Somehow, that does not seem very “just” to me./ After all, the nations of the “Anglosphere, the English speaking world, have a tradition of no cruel and unusual punishment.

Providing the best of food and health care to such a person is in itself cruel and unusual punishment for the victim’s kith and kin. So the practice of sentencing violent offenders to open ended prison terms instead of a public gcase of garbage disposal is cruel and unusual punishment for everyone but the killer.

We used to do better, it is time to return to the older and better and more humane ways.


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