Noted: Chiefs Sent To DC To Fight Reciprocity

Approximately 270 years ago the eminent English Jurist Sir William Blackstone wrote the real reason for gun control is to protect the skins of the politicians who impose them.

Now, with the fight over nationwide reciprocity for Concealed Carry permits,, the politicians are once again proving Blackstone correct, sending their Police Commissioners and Chiefs to the Capitol to fight giving allowing Americans who travel from retaining the only right that document explicitly gives us.

There can be absolutely no doubt of the effect of “must issue” gun control, any more than there can be doubt about the effects of gun control itself.

Gun control reduces the perception of the risk inherent in a criminal lifestyle and crime very quickly multiplies.

Concealed carry increases the perceived risk of a criminal lifestyle and that suppresses crime,particularly those cirmes in which the criminal perpetrator comes face to face with their victim.

It is irrational past the point of insanity to oppose reciprocal rights for CCW holders. But on the other hand it is irrational past the point of point of insanity to pass pay out almost 200 million dollars in a gun control campaign whose whose preordained results are at this link, and are shown in red in the chart below:

The object should be to protect the Constitutional Rights of Americans and drive murder and crime rates down to the levels before the labor violence imposition of restrictive gun laws in 1906.

But by going to Washington to speak against LTCCC reciprocity, the Ciefs object beccomes a dishonorable attempt to pander to the fears and guilty consciences of po pols instead of serving the lady blindfolded lady with the scales and the honest citizens whose lives and property it was at one time their duty to protect.


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