Not Quite So Bloody Chicago, 5 Murdered In Week

Reporting on Chicago’s murder total, last week’s running total from Chicago’s for the week of 12/2/17 to 12/9/17 was 49 shot, 44 wounded, 5 killed. this in what is traditionally a high murder month.

If that rate continued for a full year it would be a year with only 2600 shootings and 260 or so shooting deaths. Something heartily to be desired, particularly by the war weary residents of that pesthole by Lake Michigan.

I do not know what the cause is, but wheter is a reesult of the Cartels taking their distribution system lesewhere, the Trump effect, or Chicago’s law abiding have finally managed to arm themselves well enough to suppress violence, we need more of it.


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2 Responses to Not Quite So Bloody Chicago, 5 Murdered In Week

  1. Wu Chang says:

    Think it might be weather related?

  2. Stranger says:

    Weather was the first thing I thought of, But looking at Weather Spark for Chicago shows pretty much normal temperatures since before the decline in murder rates began. .


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