No, the Democrats Will Not Help The DRAMers

It is not news, and I predicted as much, but check out FOX News Ingraham Angle. The first five minutes talks about the help President Trump is getting from Democrats on a fix for the immigration system they broke in 1946.

That segment is less than five minutes long, and notes that Dims like Detestable Dick are far more interest in throwing open buckets of racist paint around than fixing a problem.

While that problem is all over it is particularly acute in the case of already assimilated individuals brought here ass small children.

Speaking of that class only, yes, there a few criminals among them. But compare the crime data for Black Americans and Black Hispanic Dreamers.

Both came from stock sold into slavery by tehir African captors, a fate not always preferable to the alternative, sacrifice to their captors ancestors. If anything, slaves sold into the Spanish colonies initially had a much harder life than those sold into the Anglosphere. Yet the “commission of a crime rate” for the Black Hispanics is only a fraction that of our own long freed descendants. of slaves.

It has been /2 years since Dale Carnegie laid out the principles of winning friends, the first of which is to get people agreeing with you.

Calling those who are trying to paint those tryi help fix a more than 60 year old problem as “racist” is no way to work out a solution.

But that is all our our Dim-O-Crats seem capable of. That, and confiscate the law abiding’s guns.


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