No Mention That The Law Enabled The Killer

Newsweek, which took up cudgels for gun bans on December 1, 1953, lambastes Texas Republicans for ignoring a gun ban proposal.

Well, let’s see. The killer Devin Patrick Kelley, could not have purchased a gun from a dealer if some nameless Air Force clerk had done his or her job. But despite the fact Kelley should have been on the FBI’s “NO GUNS” list, his is a rare case in which the FBI was not notified. The fact that Kelley did in fact buy a gun from a dealer is almost irrelevant, since he had many other sources for firearms, primarily the criminal underworld.

Still, Newsweek spends a lot of time complaing that was illegal will not be made “more illegal.” And all that, the rag does not mention by far the most important factor in the the mass murder Kelley is accused of committing.

That factor that News-weak ignores is Texas law, which outlaws carrying a gun ion a church. The sort of law that enabled Omar Mateen’s Pulse nightclub mass shooting. The sort that enabled the Virginia Tech shooting.

Without that law, Kelley would have been faced with six to ten armed defenders, and a virtual certainty that hiskilling spree would have ended very quickly.

As it was, Kelley did not face an armed man until he had done his dirty work.

But Newsweek, playing the part of the dishonest prosecutor desperate for a conviction at any rice, ignores the key evidence in the trial.

That gun ban propaganda is a poor excuse for journalism. noting less and nothing more.


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