“No Gun Right” Says Lefty Media

I see the complicit media is beginning to take notice of the 9th Circuit’s decision that Americans have no right to concealed carry, or of any sort of carry at all.

Given that 93 of 1997 million “occupied dwellings” have at least one gun and gun owner that will be overruled. I is unfortunate that the decision came when the Supreme Court is likely to be unable to rule until Justice Scalia is replaced, and will come down on the side of the “no 2A” crowd.

So we will have to wait, just as we have waited before, until the elections are over. And perhaps longer than that if the complicit media discourages us again with their lies.


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4 Responses to “No Gun Right” Says Lefty Media

  1. CBMTTek says:

    I find it difficult to believe that this decision will not be overturned if examined.

    From my arm chair lawyer perspective, the Due Process clause of the 14th Amendment should carry the same weight in this situation as it did in the gay marriage situation. In the gay marriage situation, it was determined that Due Process under the law overrode the community’s definition of marriage. Net result, states and communities that had defined marriage as between one man and one woman, were now forced to issue marriage licenses to any couple who requested them.

    Is there any reason why the same logic cannot apply here?

  2. Stranger says:

    Even in Kali, the majority of the “community” supports both gun rights and concealed carry. Even Constitutional Carry is getting closer to the fifty percent point, as gun restrictions make Kali a more favorable envirnoment for criminals.

    Further, Justice Scalia was the only “Originalist” on the Court, but far from the only originalist. A President to the right of Karl Marx should appoint either an originalist, or someone in accord with modern legal thinking, that the Second Amendment means what it says. We have a Right to keep and to bear arms.

    And, if we can get enough of our community to go to the polls, we should be able to render the point moot by preemption of the laws in question.


  3. CBMTTek says:

    Good point.

    If you get the right local government/sheriff, the “may issue” really becomes a will issue with a bit of additional paperwork.

    Well, that is right up until the State legislature starts looking at permit issues per county, and decides that your county is issuing too many permits. Which will them prompt them to make the State government the issuing authority.

    Could not agree more. We need to get to the polls.

  4. Stranger says:

    The problem with LTC’s is that it is a tax on a right, like the poll tax on the right to vote. If trhe poll tax is unconstitutional, as SCOTUS says it is, the LTC’s should also be unconstitutional.

    So it comes back to getting the shooting community to throw our weight around, instead of sending the wife to the polls with a head full of Cargo Cult promises.



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