Nine Senate Seats Likely To Go ANTI

The Hill has a list of Senators in trouble, in an item with the cheery headline 9 Senate Seats Most Likely To Flip.

Since all the candidates are Republicans who seem not to have been Conservative enough for their constituency, there is some risk to each of them, and to all of them collectively.

But the problem is this. All of their opponents are De3mocrats who stick closely to the Democratic Socialst/Communist Party USA platform.

Besides the fact that the CPA is pursuing the Cloward Piven strategy of destroying the American economy so they can build a Socialist society on the ruins, the CPUSA platform calls for a nearly complete gun ban. Meaning that the plan is to deprive Americans of any means of choosing those who rule us.

That means we have multiple reasons to go to the polls and vote a straight Republican ticket this year. After the Democratic Party has been out of power for a while and purged itself of it’s totalitarian ties we might consider them.

But for now, while there is no safe course, the one that appears to be far the safest requires putting an end to a party that hates the gun owning majority of Americans.


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