NiceDeb Reports On Massive Anti-Gun Demonstration At NRA HQ

Nice Deb reports on a massive anti-gun demonstration held by Obama’s campaign committee (whatever in blazes ofa stands for) in front of the National Rifle Association Headquarters.

Reports of the massive turnout range from 12 to 30 individuals who seem unaware of the results of the laws they demand. The United States has had three major gun control drives, in 1905 and ’06; in 1911, and from 1963 to the passage of the Gun Control Act of 1968. Here are the results of those laws:

United States Homicide Rate, 1995 - 2011

United States Homicide Rate, 1885 – 2011

Laws that have cost the United States more than 600,000 excess homicides since 1963. Demanding more of the same is not something people should do – but there are always the unwise.

And let me give a tip of the Stetson to Doug Ross’ Journal for the link to Nice Deb.


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