Newark Mayor a Glutton For Punishment, Wants More Crime and Gun Control

UPDATE NJ Today has has the back sotry on the Newark Mayor’s demands for Federal gun laws. After the many times Newark has been offered free gun safety courses specifically aimed at small children,and as many times as those free but lifesaving gun safety courses and turned them down,It is nothing short of tghe height of absurdity to call for restrictive gun laws to do what you refuse to permit. [end]

After all that gun control has done to New Jersey, it is hard to understand why anyone would want more, but the Newark Patch reports the Essex County Mayor is calling for “stronger gun controls.”

Briefly quoting the Newark Patch report linked above:

Newark’s mayor is calling for Congress to enact stronger national gun control laws after the tragic shooting death of a 10-year-old boy in his home last week.

The FBI sourced data to confirm what gun control has done to New Jersey is at this link and many major city Police Departments have collections of FBI Uniform Crime Reports dating back to President Harding. With that,

Here is what gun control did to violent crime in New Jersey, beginning in 1960 when an estimated 3,400,000 Jerseyites were gun owners.

Long term violent crime was in decline until CBS put up a wad of cash a for gun control in early 1964. That gun control campaign shoved the Garden State’s vioel;nt crime rates up until the Hughes Bill became law on 1 January, 1958, when violent crime rates almost literally exploded.

The violent crime rates did not begin to come down until federal gun laws were slightly relaxed, in particular the “3 day waiting period,” and the “Notification of the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the Jurisdiction” were relaxed or eliminated.

This pattern has repeated itself with only variations for the severity of the law and the severity of enforcement more than 57,000 times without a single success.

So the New Jersey mayor who wants more gun controls to “reduce crime” has a world view that does not agree with observed reality. Something that, by definition, makes him certifiably insane.


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