New York State Legislature Aims At Gun Owners

The New York Daily News reports the Legislature is taking aim at private gun ownership with a package of nine gun ban precursors.

Briefly quoting the Daily News report linked above:

The nine-bill package would ban bump stock devices that increase rate of fire like the one used in the Las Vegas mass shooting. It would also establish extreme risk orders of protection, prohibit anyone convicted of a hate crime from possessing firearms, expand the time for background checks, and create a firearm violence research initiative.

Bump stocks have been present at one mass murder, but have no one seems to have come up with a genuine case of murder with a Bump Stock equipped gun, which puts that bill in the Gun Owners Harassment” category so loved by Democrats and other gun ban advocates.

With only 374 murders with a rifle in 2015, a rise easily explained by all the publicity the media is giving the non-existent “rise in gun violence” related to gun ban propaganda, thee is not many cases of murder by rifle to investigate.

Bottom line, it is very simple. There is not a single Democrat who is a friend of civil rights, gun rights, or of actual freedom. It is time for our community to fix the situation of far too many elective offices held by those people.


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