New Rules Coming,Cub

Back in the day, most newspaper editors insisted on strict neutrality – to keeping any and all conditions the subject of an interview set. A reporter, we had real ones then, was bound to those conditions, period. Or that reporter would next leave the building singing “Ain’t gonna work here no more.”

Times change, rules change, and eventually people discover why the old rules were set in the first place. The days when “ask you a cupple questions over coffee” turns out to be a two hour inquisition seem finally coming to an end, and the days when reporters had to respect their interviewes or have note seem to be coming back.

Case in point, Gary North explains how major news source InfoWars Alex Jones blindsided a new hire at one of the small networks.

As it happens, if the new girl was blindsided, it ws because she did not have her eyes open. So instead of a case of “Big time New York reporter destroys ignorant country boy, the new girl had to break an agreement, and it became “Who is sophisticated now?”

And in this brave new world, those who cannot learn to live by the rules may as well plan their retirement.


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