New Mexico: The Banners Are Back

A gun ban precursor bill was introduced in the New Mexico legislature on the first day to file bills.

Briefly quoting the NRAA report linked above:

State Rep. Matthew McQueen (D-Santa Fe) is sponsoring House Bill 17, similar to federal legislation proposed by anti-gun California U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein. His bill would make it a crime to knowingly possess a firearm accessory or any other device, part or combination of parts that is designed or functions to accelerate the rate of fire of a semi-automatic firearm. The broad and overreaching provisions in HB 17 …….

So this bill is to make possession of “bump stcis,” trigger cranks,” and any other device that might be used to make a rifle fire omre than one time with one pull of the trigger.

The fact that no one has been able to dig up a case in shich such a device has been used to harm anyone, they are guilty because bump stocks wee present at the Las Vegas mass murder = which makes them guilty by the Socialists favorite charge, “guilty by association.”

Bloomberg’s “Everytown” gun ban network reportedly spent two million dollars on a ban precursor bill in the last ssession of the New Mexico Legislature, and now they are back trying to get that crimtical first gun law throguh. Bump stocks are all the hate now – so an anit-bump stock bill is the 17th bill in the legislative hopper this session. And to hell with the lack of any justification for this bill, or of the eventual consequences of this bill.

The eight aantis who sponsored HB-17 need a long dose of retirement, and Bloomberg’s banners need another very expensive loss. Here is what gun control has done to New Mexico, and the columns on the far right show what this latest gun ban campaign has done to New Mexico:

It is time to clean out another legislature – starting by handing the gun ban lobby another defeat.



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