New Jersey: Where The Gubernatorial Candidates Stand On Gun Control

Over the years, I have documented what gun control has done to New Jersey literally hundreds of times. documenting the results of the bill Governor Richard Hughes signed into law in 1967, and which took effect 1 January, 1968.

Of course, New Jersey was far from the only venue harmed by Hughes Law. Angry Garden State residents refused to turn lawfully purchased guns over to the State Patrol, and, as many have noted, everyone knows someone shady.

The graphic below shows the damage the double whammy of the Hughes Law and the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968 did to the Garden State:

Obviously, gun control has been an unmitigated disaster for New Jersey and for adjoining States.

Now, with Governor Chris Christie’s term coming to an end, the subject of how the candidates for governor stand on gun control.

Thankfully, has omtervoewed tje candidates, quizzing them on how they stand on gun control.

Briefly, even the Republican candidates support gun controls and the very high violent crime rates they bring. This quote from Republican candidate Kim Guadagno seems almost pro-gun compared to some of the others:

A spokesman for the former Monmouth County wouldn’t say if there were any gun laws which Guadagno would support repealing, but did say she doesn’t believe the state needs any new ones, and certainly wants to reexamine existing gun transport laws.

“I believe because New Jersey has among the strictest gun laws in the country, we should enforce the ones we have on the books,” said Guadagno in an email to NJ Advance Media.

However, the rash of arrests of legal gun owners who obliviously got caught up in New Jersey’s gun transport laws does bear reexamination, sh

Jack Ciattarelli sounds as if he has a clue. Briefly quoting:

to restore uniformly unfettered access to the Second Amendment right to bear arms from the top down.

In fact,AL the Republicans talk well.Whether we can trust them is another matter, and very much in doub t.

But when it comes to the Democrats, the ANTI party and the spiritual heirs of the now Nothings, is no doubt. Again briefly quoting the report linked above:

When it comes to gun control and Christie, Phil Murphy’s loaded for bear: His campaign website says he would sign “every piece of gun violence prevention legislation that Governor Christie has vetoed.”

Since Phil Murphy’s statement in favor of more violence is typical of the Know Nothings, who universally favor gun bans, there is no use in going further.

Garden State residents who want to see Camden spread to their town should vote for a Democrat. Those who wish to live in the low crime State New Jersey used to be shold vote for a Republican – and pray.


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