New Jersey Police Reported Violent Crime, 1950-2015

Here is the police reported violent crime totals for the years 1950 through 2015, as reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Before we go to the chart, let me mention that prior to 1968 individual law enforcement agencies made separate reports to the FBI. Many departments having nothing to report got in the habit of reporting nothing, while cities with a crime problem often failed to report to “keep down the racket” from the city administration, the public, and the press.

That changed on January 1, 1968, when the New Jersey State Patrol took over gathering and reporting crime totals. One problem surfaced in August, 1968, when a reporter asked a NJSP representative how the new gun control law was working.

“Not very well,” he was reportedly told,” crime was up 93 percent in the first six months.”

The numbers from the FBI, shown show an increase, but not a near 100 percent increase over 2007.


As I implied above, New Jersey’s draconian gun laws went into effect on January 1, 1968, and violent crime numbers and rates promptly went sky high. The graphic below, the spreadsheet linked immediately above make the effects of gun control on New Jersey’s violent crime rates abundantly clear.

Neither New Jersey’s gun law nor any of the other 57,246 restrictive gun laws imposed since Duke Eberhard I of the Duchy of Wurttemburg imposed the firs such law in 1495 have ever made anyone safer, reduced the crime or murder rates, or lowered the incidence of political assassinations.

Instead, every regularly enforced restrictive gun law has sent vioelnt crime rates soaring, made people much less secure, and, if anything, has increased the incidence of political assassinations. Exactly the opposite effect to that claimed by gun control advocates.

It was not until people started buying guns after the Assault Weapons ban that New Jersey’s, and Americas, violent crime rates began to decline. thousands of Garden State residents bought guns legally, or, if they could not obtain a permit, smuggled guns in from out of state or bought them from the criminal underworld.

That result you can also see on the graphic.


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