New Jersey: “Maye It Is Time To “Reform Gun Control”

Posting at, one Joe Muti says maybe this is the right time to reform gun controls.

Like most in the shooting community, I have no objection to gun laws that have resulted in positive benefits to the general public. And, like most informed people,I strenuously object to laws that at best drive violent crime rates sky high, and at worst have sent almost 300 million innocent people to death camps.

As regular Allen readers are well aware, New Jersey’s gun laws have been nothing more than a series of bloody failures that net even the heavily edited official crime statistics can conceal. Even a casual glance at those official numbers will demonstrate the utter failure of New Jersey’s crime statistics is enough to convince a reasonable person they should be repealed.

Mr. Muti says he is a member of our community, and suggests, well, here is Mr. Muti:

My suggestion is a new constitutional amendment to clean up language in the Second Amendment so that no future Supreme Court can take away an individual’s right to bear arms. In exchange, the gun lobby and its legislative army would have to make specific concessions to allow reasonable gun control measures by state and federal government, the operative word being “reasonable.” Those measures would be determined in advance, with every interest group having a seat at the table.

I tend to concur but if we are to replace the Second Amendment, whose main fault is that most modern college graduates do not understand its simple language, the new Amendment should be inarguable. something on the order of:

“The right to purchase, possess, and carry firearms and appurtenances is an absolute right that shall not be made less.”

After all, that is what the corpus of the Second Amendment says in today’s ordinary written American.

And yes, tha would restore gun rights to a relatively small number of Persons. But as a results oriented person, I looked back to see what our crime rates were before gun control, when anyone with the price could buy, keep, and carry a gun:

Thee were no exceptions – and no gun laws. Before 1904 anyone could buy a gun, keep it and carry it. Yet the homicide rate was one fifth our 2015 rate, our violent crime rate was one seventh the estimated 2016 rate, our robbery rate was a quarter of today’s rate, and our “assault with a deadly weapon,” today styled “aggravated assault” rate was below 30 per 100,000 population.

Permissive gun laws, where anyone may be carrying a gun” suppress crime and violence. No restrictive gun law in the 521 years of such laws has reduced crime, made anyone safer, or reduced the incidence of political assassinations.

It is time to act as rational human beings and restore the absence of restrictive laws that mae the 19th Century the safest in human history.


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