New Jersey Democrats Want To Extend Their Gun Laws To All Of Us, and Go After The NRA reports New Jersey Democrats want to go after the National Rifle Association and extend their gun laws to other States, regardless of the proven consequences of those laws.

Briefly quoting the NJ.Com report linked above::

If enacted, state-sponsored travel for public workers and elected officials would be banned in 37 states, according to state licensing data from the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

It’s unclear if the legislation would require New Jersey’s governor to abide by the rule if it becomes law, Weinberg said. But she said she hopes Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, would “honor it” if it clears the Democrat-controlled state Legislature and he signs it into law.

Gun control has taken a State with one of the lowest violence rated in America, and sent those rates sailing through the Van Allen belt, creating a tremendous expense for the people of the State.

And now New Jersey’s Democrats, firmly in the grasp of the Socialist Internationale and Bloomberg’s Everytown against guns ban group , wants to extend this rotten program to every American household.

The chart below shows what Gun control has done to a once safe political venue,:

And here is the chart, based on the same table, showing the decline in violent crime in recent years did nt happen:

The facts are plain. Gun control has been a four hundred billion dollar boondoggle for the Garden State, turning wide areas of the State into some of the highest crime areas in the United States.

As of mid-January, 2018, the total cost of gun control topped four hundred billion dollars, with that cost increasing every day.

And the “Progressive” Democrats want to increase the costs and extend the “benefits of that crime producing legislation to everyone.


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