New Jersey Democrat Wants to A Gun Biuyback for 25 cents on the dollar

Bing brings the interesting news that a New Jersey emocrat wants to mandate a gun buyb ack, paying the munificent sum of one fourth of the gun’s value.

The bill is apparently callend the “Safer neighbors Act,” and,like all the other gun laws the Dimmos have imposed on New Jersey, is promised to put an end to gun related violence in New Jersey.

But here is what what New Jersey’s existing gun laws have done to New Jersey:

As you can see, New Jersey’s gun laws have been very successfuo – at driving violent crime rates “over the moon. Based on past history, primarily Australia’s but from more than 100 American cities, there can be no slightest doubt that tthe Safe Neighbor Act would be even more successful – at driving violent crime rates higher, even though that seems impossible.

In 1960, New Jersey Law Enforcement Agencies reported a total of 6,932 violent crimes to the FBI. In 2015, New Jersey’s draconian gun laws have driven the number of violent crimes up a bit to 22,879, a 339 perent increase in violent crime. Just as my friends and I predicted in 1968.

And now some member of the ANTI Party wants to hoodwink New Jersey residents into giving their guns and their freedoms away.

Hanging is too good for such, but unfortunately the law only allows mandatory retirement. The sooner the better.


As of 2015,

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