New Hampshire: Constitutional Carry Bill Dies

The Nashua Telegraph reports New Hampshire’s Constitutional Carry bill is dead for this session of the Legislature.

Briefly quoting the Telegraph item linked above:

The recent spate of wanton gun violence played a part in the state Senate killing a bill that would have expanded the rights of citizens to carry a concealed gun without a permit.

New Hampshire adjoins Vermont, which has always had Constitutional Carry. The difference in the two states crime rates is largely “statistical noise; since Vermont’s 2010 homicide rate was 1.1 while New Hampshire’s was 1. And the difference may very well go the other way in 2011, and almost certainly will in 2012.

So New Hampshire’s Senators should be well aware that Constitutional Carry does not increase the number of violent crimes. But Constitutional carry would have a strong effect on the not inconsiderable number of newcomers with criminal records who are moving into the southern part of the Granite State.

Criminals do not like to come face to face with an armed victim. So more guns mean less crime. In particular, the more people carrying the lower the crime rate. And, as the murders that are credited with turning back New Hampshire’s Constitutional Carry bill clearly demonstrate, the Granite State is becoming more violent.


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  1. Michael says:

    I guess I didn’t realize that New Hamster didn’t already have constitutional carry.

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