Nevada, The Cost Of Gun Control

Our next State in this the “Cost of Gun Control” is
Nevada, The silver State, home of the sidewinder, sand flea, and gambler.

However, before we look at the results and costs of gun control, we have a few “fine print” items to take care of, starting with the source of crime or this post.

The primary source of data is the FBI’s Uniform Crime reporte, issued annually. Many police headquarters have the back issues, or at this convenient spreadsheet maintained by the Disaster Center.

Nevada is a shall issue State for CCW Permits, and open carry is allowed. The silver State does require a background check for private purchases, effectively registering the gun owner, bit Nevada’s Chief Law Reinforcement Officers declared the law unenforceable, so I hear very little of it.

Nevada has seen explosive growth over the 1950 to 2015 period considered here, with 1960’s census count coming in at 285,280 and the 2015 census estimate of Nevada’s population 2,889,000.

Nevada’s economy is largely based n gambling. Few people win or even break even. Gamblers who put their last dime on a roll of the dice or a turn and then turn to crime are relativelly common, as are other forms of criminal violence, something that must be taken into account when calculating crime numbers.

In 1960, Nevada reported 26 murders to the FBI, 12 or 46.2% were firearms related. In 2015, Nevada Law Enforcement Agencies, LEA’s,” reported 177 ginucudes ti the FBI, 1113 or 63.8 percent were firearms related. The shift from knives and brass knuckles to guns was noticiable within days of the inception of the entertainment industry’s gun ban campaign, which began on December 1, 1963, being announced the day before.

More fine print, but of a different sort: The intent of this series of 51 posts is to 51 posts is to first, estimate the overall dollar cost of gun control to each of the States, and to the District of Columbia.

Working our way to the crime numbers, in 1960 Nevada Law enforcement agencies reported 189 homicides, of which 82 or 42 percent were firearms related. In 2015, Nevada Agencies reported 499 murders to the FBI, 418 or 84 percent were firearms related. The percentage of firearms related homicides began to increase in 1963, at the same time the entertainment industry’s gun ban campaign kicked off and was very close to 80 percent within 5 years.

Economically, Nevada ranks 29th among the States, for individual and family income with a mean income of $51,500.

Nevada is a tourist state with a very high non-resident “floating population,” so demographics change from day to day. Generally speaking the So;ver State see;s tp be a[[rpxo,ate;u 93 percent low crime population groups, and 7 percent high crime population groups.

With that, it is time to look at Nevada’s historic crime numbers and how tho incidence of crime varied with gun control campaigns and laws.

1960 when gun control was largely unheard of, Nevada’s Law Enforcement Agencies reported 416 violent crimes to the FBI,

10963,the year the entertainment industry began a nationwid gun ban campaign; Nevada LEA’s reported 755 violent crimes to the FBI.

1964,the first full year of Hollywood’s gun ban campaign, Nevada’s Law Enforcement Agencies reported 983 violent crimes to the FBI.

1968, the fifth full year of Hollywood’s gun ban campaign,p campaign, and the first two weeks of the Federal Gun Control Act of 588 Nevada LEA’s reported 1,261 violent crimes to the FBI.

1969, the first full year of Federal gun controls Nevada LEA’s reported 1,642 violent crimes to the FBI as “sports related” school fights declined.

1973, the fifth full year of Federal gun controls, which agencies reported 3,135 violent crimes to the FBI.

194, the first full year of Handgun Control, Inc.’s “Assault Weapons Ban” campaign ws at its most intense, Nevada’s LEA’s reported 14,597 violent crimes to the FBI; 4,548 of those aggravated assaults, and as in Montana most seem to be pecking order and “puppy love” fights.

Which brings us to the chart below, which is misleading in that it includes a massive increase in the “aggravated assault rate,” apparently pecking order fights from media reports, but in no other crime.

In 2015, the latest year data is currently available, Nevada LEA’s reported 3,611 violent crimes, of which 2,818 were aggravated assaults. Meaning aggravated assaults which normally constitution about half of all violent crimes, made up 74^ if Nevada’s 2015 violent crimes.

It is easy to see that trend, and the numbers are at the link in the first few paragraphs::

Wile Nevada’s population has grown by 993 percent since 196o, but violent crime has risen by 6,850 percent, an increase 6.5 times grater than the population increase. And Nevada has done this in lockstep with gun control campaigns and gun control laws.

Further, looking at the homicide rate, the number of homicides for very block of 100,000 Nevadans in a given year, it is obvious that the homicde rate has also varied in lockstep with gun control laws and campaigns. But in this case, economic factors also enter in, as desperate people scraape together every dime they can borrow or bet and “Go to Vegas to beat the tables.” and then they either lose a life or take a life trying to “break even>”

At this point, the schema for this post calls for a statement of the probability that crime rates, particularly violent crime rates, would fall in lockstep with gun ban campaigns and gun control laws in more than 25 States in near perfect lockstep. But that number is so large, or the probability is so small that online calculators refuse to calculate it. For all practical purposes, that number, greater than 14*10^750, is infinite. There is no real chance the nxt gun control law will do what 57,43. gun laws have failed to do, make someone safer.

Obviously, then gun control is the primary cause of the higher crime rates observed since 196. While we cannot put a price tag on grief, suffering, loneliness, loss of companionship, the pain of being orphaned, and other intangible costs of gun control, those costs are substantial.

But gun control has exacted a terrible price from Nevada’s law abiding as crime rates soared, including all categories of property as well as violent crime, rising and falling in lockstep with the rest of the States in response to to gun control campaigns and gun control laws. A rise with a definite financial cost shared by every resident affected by those proposed and effectuated laws.

With that, it is time to look at the actual cost of gun controls to Nevada and Nevadans.

There is no accepted price for a lifetime of grief, but at the mean $2,200,000 judgement for wrongful death for each additional homicide victim, $53,900 ,for treatment of every additional shooting victim, lost wages, lost companionship,the scars of losing a parent or other close relative, including a spouse, , disability payments, the cost of excess goods destroyed,damaged or disappeared, along with the additional costs of security, law enforcement, and prisons the total calculable cost of Nevada’s gun control legislation is in excess of $202,900000,000, spread over 54 years.

Obviously, Nevada’s misguided package of State, plus Federal, gun laws have cost Nevada far more than any State should be asked to pay.

It is time for Congress to do its duty and preempt all State and local restrictions, limiting those restrictions to the imposed by current federal law, and imposing a reasonable daily penalty of at least $3100,000 a day on any individual seeking to enforce preempted legislation, or craft new laws to evade Federal limits.

To fail to do so is a form of dereliction of duty. So 40 years late in preemption is a definite case of avoiding a clear and present danger to our society.


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