NBB: German Gun Control Was Not German

The morning brought a contact comment that asks for more information on “Hitler’s gun controls.”

Frau Schickelgruber’s little boy Adolph had nothing to do with the mass confiscation of firearms after the Treaty of Versailles ended World War I.

That evil was a result of a question by one of the German delegates to the Commission working on a Peace Treaty between the Allies and Germany.

It was imposed as a result of a direct order by British Prime Minister, David Lloyd-George, who was awakened to render a fiat on the matter.

Hitler himself was engaged in the activities that led to the “Beer Hall Putch,” and took on part in the Versailles negotiations.

So full credit for the laws that enabled the murder of some fifty million** “Juden, Roma, und oder odermenschen”* on Alois Hitler’s adopted son.

The credit for that, and all the misery it broiught, properly falls on a British Socialist and Labor Minister, David Lloyd-George.

and no, ignorance of the consequences is never an excuse.


*) Jews, Germans, and other subhumans” in propaganda minister Goebbels words, and “Unworthy of humane treatment.”

** ) Fifty million is the latest count of victims of the Third Reich’s extermination programs from 1936 to 1945. The latest overall count of gun owner registration and other gun control schemes currently stands at 22262 million dead, and three to five million permanently scarred.


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