Murphy Again, Pushing Universal Gun Registration

I see Connecticut’s Senator Chris Murphy, (who oves gun rights every six years) says Universal Background Check’s should be “Gun Control’s North Star.”

Well, as former Attorney General Loretta Lynch told the world, the intent of those checks is to register gun owners who do not purchase from firarms dealers. Collectors, for example.

Now, if Universal Background checks were a good thing, they would depress crime rates without fraud, editing, or computerized crime Erasers. And since I have plenty of charts and tables of crme stats, let’s look at a State whose deluded, or perhaps venal, legislators imposed universal background checks:

The FBI’s crime numbers are here.

See that uptick on the right side? That is what universal background checks did in their first two years. And 2016? there was another 3.3% rise, from 10,468 in 2015 to 10,830 in 2016.

Now look to the left, back to 194, at the start of Hollywood’s gun ban campaign. you will see the same pattern, a slow rise, and then a sharper rise as criminals adapt to the new situation.

So Chris Murphy is pushing a law that has been a universal failure, whose only purpose is to register gun owners, and that most law enforcement agencies say is unenforceable.

So what is the objection to registering gun owners? Simply put, because gun owner registration’s only success is a shameful failure. The Holocaust was a roaring success for gun owner registration. So was Stalin’s Holodomor

And anyone who can coppy and paste “262 million murdered by their own government” can read the latest democide total, a horrifying count that almost invariably started with gun owner registration.

As it did for the Ukrainians systematically starved to death, the Hungarian Jews, taken to the pits and shot to death, and all the other innocents systematically slaughtered after their mane showed up on a gun owners registry.

By some estimates, one half of the people murdered since Mother Eve cared for her brood some 165,000 years ago were murdered in 20th century democides.

Democccides that bad people like Chris Murphy want to lay the groundwork for here.


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Extranos Alley is a Collaborate effort to provide up to information on the relationship between restrictive gun laws and violent crime; as well as other related topics. While emphasis is on United States gun laws and crime, we also provide data on crime trends world wide.
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  1. 2aguy says:

    As anyone paying attention realizes….the only reason the anti gunners want universal background checks is to get universal gun registration. They will get universal background checks, then criminals and mass shooters will still get guns…which will then give them the excuse and the leverage to say…well of course UBCs don’t work, we don’t know who has the guns….and that will be the next endless chant for each mass shooting after UBCs are passed……and then, when they get registration….as we saw around the world in Britain, Germany, Australia, Canada, New York, and California…they will use those registration lists to start banning guns as soon as they win enough power…..

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