Motor Vehicle Deaths VS Gun Deaths 2013

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The latest official motor vehicle death numbers are from 2010, but the decline in gasoline consumption (600,000 barrels a day in 1993, 200,000 a day in 2013) suggests approximately 286,500 motor vehicle deaths occurred in calendar year 2013.

The latest official firearms murder and homicide numbers are from 2012, and the accident numbers are from 2010. For 2012 there were 8,885 murders, less than 1,900 homicides, and 606 accidental firearms deaths for a total of some 11,300 gun related deaths other than suicide..

The ratio between vehicular accidents and gun accidents is approximately 2.5 to 1. However, as an interesting footnote, there are approximately 2.5 times as many guns as motor vehicles.


It is therefore reasonable

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11 Responses to Motor Vehicle Deaths VS Gun Deaths 2013

  1. Greg says:

    How did you get to the 111,300 gun related deaths? Best I can see from your link is 8885 murders. Also, the 8885 seems to track with the Bureau of Justice numbers also. I think you meant 11,300 (8885 + 1900 + 606 = 11,391). Thus your ratio is more like 25 to 1.

  2. Stranger says:

    It is odd that one of my cohorts did not notice the error. My finger got to typing and made one keystroke too many. I will fix it in a moment, and thanks for pointing it out.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Vehicle deaths pursuant to CDC records should be about 36,000/yr versus the 280,000 published in this article. What say you? Still more than due to firearms.

  4. CC says:

    Vehicle deaths pursuant to CDC records should be about 36,000/yr versus the 280,000 published in this article. What say you? Still more than due to firearms.

  5. Stranger says:

    Thanks, CC and Anonymous for asking about something not well understood.

    As noted, the latest official motor vehicle death totals are more than three years old. The 28,000 total is derived from the 2010 total, with the sharp decline in motor fuel consumption and therefore miles traveled factored in. Since vehicle fatalities should go down in step with miles traveled, especially with the reduced number of new cars sold, the number is certainly somewhat below reality.

    Since the numbers are very conservative, they are defensible. I could have cited the 2010 numbers for a more impressive result; or added a few tens of thousands of deaths. Either way, those numbers would not be defensible.


  6. CC says:

    Check the article. It reads 280,000 deaths by vehicles and not 28,000. My point was it was off by a factor of about ten. Car accident deaths per year had been about 40,000 and trending to 36,000 a year. Total suicids are not about 40,000 per year. Heart and lung diseases take about 1.2 million a year in the USA. See the article numbers …? Thanks!

  7. Stranger says:

    Officially, the CDC lists 33,566 motor vehicle fatalities out of 119,733 accidental deaths during 2010.

    Gasoline consumption for 2010 was 310,000,000 barrels a day, or 113,150,000000 total barrels of gasoline, divided by 33,566 equals 3,370,980 barrels of gasoline for every motor vehicle fatality.

    Current consumption of gasoline has fallen to 213,500,000 barrels a day. At a reasonable 3,00,000 barrels of gasoline per fatality that would be (213,500,000 X 365 divided by 3,000,000 = 25,979 estimated fatalities.

    However,, the total is approximately 2,000 higher because of extra hazards of city driving. Hence 28,000 as a defensible estimate. Which is all it ever was.

    That is a ratio of 2.47 motor vehicle accidents to 1 firearms fatality. And since the MV accidents are indirect estimates, that should be reasonably close.


  8. Jerry Johnson says:

    “suggests approximately 286,500 motor vehicle deaths occurred in calendar year 2013.”
    I wish I could say I have never fat-fingered a number.

    Interesting write-up as usual.

  9. Stranger says:

    I appreciate the flowers. I really should not post from a “wireless internet device” that has a keyboard only 6.5 inches wide. If I put my hand on the keyboard there is about a half a key visible on each side. The IBM I use in the office spans a full nine inches, and does not sit completely flat.


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