More Violence in Rahmbo’s Fiefdom

The Chicago Tribune reports a young Chicago mother and her year old child were shot in what is apparently a random and almost certainly gang related shooting.

The mother was shot in the leg and is doing well. The child was shot in the head, and apparently suffered brain damage.

In other Chicago news, I hear Chicago has sworn in 47 new police officers, new graduates from the Police Academy. As far as my “ears to the ground” can determine the Academy will not have another class this year. A year in which some 600 veteran police officers are expected to retire.

Emanuel can do one of three things. He can flood the streets with police officers. To do that the city needs 50 new officers a month just to replace retirees. In addition, Emanuel needs 150 more officers a month for the next 54 months to bring the Chicago Police Department up to full strength, as well as 75 new fully equipped squads a month for the same period. Plus expedited replacements for the rolling wrecks the CPD is trying to use.

Illinois Violent Crime Rate 1960-2010

Or Emanuel can tell Combine legislators to repeal the disaster that was the FOID law; expedite Concealed Carry, and encourage the good people of Chicago to defend themselves and their city from the gangs who currently own the place. But who pay no taxes.

Or Emanuel can do nothing, which would allow Chicago to go the way of Detroit. Chicago’s tax base is already crumbling as business and industry move to business friendly venues, and the people follow the jobs. To venues where people are allowed or encouraged to defend themselves against criminal aggression.

IF Chicago is to survive as a viable city, Emanuel will have to do something. Waiting on the next mayor while Emanuel remains behind closed doors practicing the grand jeté to the music of Swan Lake will make it very much more difficult to save Chicago. If it is not already too late to save Chicago as more than a vast slum rapidly becoming weed grown lots.


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